Not the zoo! And some thoughts on being a celebrity

So our guide (her name is Queenie) decided to throw out another option instead of the zoo this morning. Because it was 39 degrees and a bit drizzly she offered to take us to an indoor playground at the fancy mall. Big Win! The playground was super fun, and the older girls needed somewhere to run around and let off steam. They've been couped up in hotel rooms for too long. This was perfect.  Then we had a pretty good meal in the mall, and made it back just in time for Ava to take her 1:00pm nap.  Added bonus, it was only a 5 minute car ride to the mall.  Did Ava cry the whole way? Yes, yes she did.  However on the way back she only cried for part of the time. Progress.

If you're wondering who the guy in the bottom picture is....ask a comic book nerd near you. Don't have a comic book nerd near you? Ok, he's Chinese Wolverine.  I had no way to ask this guy if he was trying to look like Wolverine from the X-men, but I am absolutely 100% sure he was. He had the facial hair, and the sweet hairdo. It was awesome. I wish I could have taken a better picture.

We're celebrities over here, it's not that fun

Ever wondered what it would be like to have everyone look at you and make comments wherever you go?  Ever wonder how it would feel to have a crowd gather around you for no reason? I have, and now I know. It's pretty lame. As I've mentioned before we stick out, big time. Jessica took Zoe to the bathroom and me, Alex, Ava and Queenie were waiting in the hall in the mall, and in less than 2 minutes we had at least 10 women around us. And they weren't just around us, they were in close, examining Ava and Alex (who they say looks like Barbie). We were like celebrities (or part of a freak show). I started to have a little bit of an anxiety episode and told Alex, just push the stroller (Ava was in the stroller, it was Alex's turn to push her) and we plowed through them and they scattered. Very surreal.  I am beginning to understand why so many celebrities are totally out of control, I can't imagine living like that everyday for years. I take back all those things I said about people like Michael Jackson, Lindsey Lohan, and Carrot Top.

Current time in China 1:22pm, current time in Houston 11:24pm the previous day.  I've seen the future. It looks very Chinese.