Last day in Hefei... On to Guangzhou

Current time in China, March 9 - 9:23am, Current time in Houston - 7:23pm - March 8

Sleep schedule has finally normalized!!!!! Girls went to bed at 7:45, woke up at 6:00am, that works for me! Thakns for the prayers!

We finally get a change of scenery tonight. We have to wait for Queenie to get here with some paperwork. Check that paperwork, and then she goes back to finish off the local paperwork with the Anhui province (like a state in America).

Then we fly to Guangzhou. Ava's first flight, let's hope she prefers flying to driving. The flight is about 2 hours. While in Guangzhou we will be staying at The Garden Hotel, looks pretty nice, but I'm betting the room will be a bit smaller than the very nice set up we have here at the Holiday Inn Hefei. Good news is that the weather is about 20 degrees warmer in Guangzhou. Right now, it's 39 here in Hefei, and 59 in Guangzhou. More pictures are below, but first, some more...... China observations....

1. Traffic laws are pretty much negotiable. Our driver drives into incoming traffic with regularity. Everyone honks their horn incessantly, at all hours of the night. Right now, I can hear a constant honking out our window. Super annoying.

2. Elevator etiquette doesn't exist in China. When the door opens, people just start walking in, no matter how many people are coming out. What about children? Nope, no concern there either. I tested this yesterday. I was walking Ava (holding her hands while she took little steps) and a guy was trying to get in the elevator as I was walking her out of the elevator. I purposely didn't move to see what he would do. He bumped into me. I was much bigger than him (I'm bigger than most of the people here) and he bounced off, and I may have lowered my shoulder just a bit to get some leverage for the impact. It was ridiculous, I'M WALKING A FREAKING BABY!.

3. In a Chinese Mall, things aren't cheaper. We went to the mall yesterday, and I checked some prices and everything was at least as expensive as in America. Some things were even more so. Queenie and I were discussing this and she told me she paid the equivalent of $900 for her iPhone 4S. I'm sure it was unlocked, so that is the full price, with no carrier subsidy. In the USA that would ony run you about $600-$700. Weird.

That's all for now, enjoy the pictures below.

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