Sleeping in until......4:30am

Yes!!!! How weird is it to be excited that your kids slept in until 4:30am? We are stoked. They slept 8 hours (still not enough) and made it til 4:30. A 3 hour improvement over the past 2 nights. Praise God. It's currently 5:45am here (3:45pm the precious day in Houston).

Perhaps we can get them (and us) to sleep til 6:00 tomorrow??? Too optimistic?

In Ava news.... She is sleeping in our bed with us and man she is a wild woman. Rolling around like crazy in her sleep. In fact I'm laying in bed with her as I type this and she seems to be dreaming about break dancing. I'm looking forward to heading to Guanzhou tomorrow and hopefully getting a legit crib for her to sleep in.

Today is our last day in Hefei and we are heading to the zoo. Why don't we just come home you ask? We are waiting here for her passport, which we pick up tomorrow. Then we head to Guanzhou to take care of all the paperwork with the U.S. Consulate there. I'm sure I'll post pictures later today.