From the land of the crazy sleep schedule

It's 5:52am here. I've been awake for 3 hours. I think Alex has been awake for longer. We just finished watching. The rest of Mary Poppins from yesterday and part of Toy Story 3. Now they are coloring as we wait for Ava to wake up. Strangely, Ava has been up and down all night too. This scares me. I think i mentally need at least one kid to sleep normally so i don't feel totally out of sorts. We were able to keep the girls awake until 8pm last night but it didn't get us back on a nor,al schedule, obviously. However, I think it was a step in the right direction.

Ava hasn't been quite as fun and laugh a minute as she was in those first few hours. She has cried some, played some. She definitely checks everything out, she is very curious, but she doesn't seem all that interested in people. She rarely gives people much of her attention. She is more into things. While Jessica went to the store we did play with the always entertaining multi-colored cup stack last night and she interacted with me and the girls a little more. I'm sure her little brain is going through a lot with all this change, so please continue to pray that there would be a strong personal connection developing between her and all 4 of us.

Thank you again for all of the incredibly encouraging messages. It has been extremely meaningful to us. Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly sing Jessica's praises for being so awesome during all of this. She is making this happen. Without her I would have already died from anxiety.

Later today we are going to visit Lord Bao's temple.

Also, happy iPad 3 announcement day for you tech geeks ( like me). Although, technically it's still tomorrow for you.