We have arrived in Hefei....Finally!


We were so tired on the flight from Shanghai to Hefei we all 4 crashed out.  I was asleep before we took off.  Best hour of sleep ever!

Current time in Hefei, China  = 11:34 pm.  Current time in Houston = 9:36am.

 Haven't figured out how to view/post on Facebook or Twitter yet, so someone may need to post links on my wall or something for that to work.

We just put the girls to bed.  All said and done, we left Jessica's parents house at 4:30am on Friday, and we arrived in our hotel room at roughly 8:45am on Saturday. For 28 hours of travelling I don't feel that bad.  Although we are super tired, I think I'll stay up for a little while and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............