Friday will be the longest day of our lives

We are super pumped to be taking our whole family to China to get our newest member, Ava.  

However, it will be the longest day of our lives. Here's why...

Because of frequent flyer mile seat availability we are leaving from Dallas.  We will wake up super early (4:30am) to catch an early flight (6:45) from DFW to Chicago. We have about an hour in Chicago before we board a flight to Shanghai. That flight is a brief 14 hours and 30 minutes!!!!!!   The fun doesn't stop there though, once we arrive in Shanghai, we have a cool 6 hour wait, until we hop a one hour flight to Hefei (where Ava lives).  We arrive there around 10pm, the day after we left.

Basically we won't know up from down.  Did I mention we are bringing a 6 and 4 year old with us? 

This is easily the best and worst decision we've ever made.  We are totally excited to bring the girls to China, especially for Zoe, but we also understand that this will be insane.  That's before we have to make the return trip with a third child. I'm sure it will be worht it, and it should make for some good updates. I plan on updating this blog daily, depending on internet availability.

Pray for us, seriously.  :)