Another Bonesteel adventure....

Last night we had another Bonesteel adventure. If you're not familiar with this phrase, please read here. It has been very warm in Houston (in case you live elsewhere) but winter arrived quite abruptly on Monday. It dropped from 81 degrees on Sunday afternoon, to 26 this morning (Tuesday) when I woke up.  Conveniently our heater stopped working at 10pm last night.  Jessica googled a local services company that did emergency visits for no extra cost, because we were a little concerned with how cold the house would get between 10pm and this morning.

Thankfully, they sent a guy out at 10pm last night. He diagnosed the problem, a broken blower motor (or whatever it's called) and went to his truck to see if he had one that would work. He did!  So he got it out, went into the attic (all while the girls slept) and proceeded to replace the motor.  However, once he started it up, (this was approximately 11:45pm) it didn't work.  He was frustrated and realized the motor was faulty.  We were cold, and getting colder.  He said there was nothing he could do tonight, so he left. We bundled everyone up, and put Ava in our bed with us.  She didn't sleep so we put her back in her room and went to bed.  Got up this morning and it was really cold in our house. 

Thankfully, as I was typing this the guy got the new motor installed and we have heat.  The thermometer reads 62 degrees in the house, but that's after we had the oven on for about an hour this morning to heat the place up.  I imagine it was closer to 52 in our master bathroom when I showered.

So that's how we spent last night and got about 4.5 hours of sleep. Fun times with the Bonesteels.