Reading has changed forever!

I have loved books for a long time.  Ever since I was a child. I read the Chronicles of Narnia in third grade, all seven books. Ever since that time I’ve loved reading books.  Recently, everything has changed. Here is how...


This past year I read 4 600 page novels...... on my phone.  

Yes, on my phone, and it was pretty enjoyable.  I used the Kindle application for my iPhone and/or the iBooks application. Both apps are great ways to read.

I liked it so much I downloaded the Kindle app for my laptop, and started reading on my computer too. The Kindle  and iBook apps both know where you left off so if you stop reading on one device (the phone for example) and then pick back up on  another device (the laptop) it knows where you left off. Pretty slick.  

I declared at this point that I was willing to accept ebooks as the future of reading. Then some thing else happened....

I got an iPad 2.

At that point I declared.....

I will not purchase paper books any more, ever!  (unless there isn’t an ebook option).

Seriously, I like reading ebooks that much. It’s so convenient. I am currently carrying over 30 books....on my phone, which fits nicely in my pocket.  I can read almost anything, anywhere! It’s awesome.

However, with the iPad you get the size and layout of a book, but you can still carry THOUSANDS of books with you wherever you are.

You can highlight passages, take notes, copy text, leave bookmarks, everything you can do with a regular book, but more, and better. Plus, now you don’t have to keep buying book shelves to hold all of the books.

If you haven’t tried reading on an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc. Give it a go, and you’ll see why Amazon just announced that they have started selling more ebooks than paper books. 

The world of reading is changing and it is awesome!