Letters to a Young Life Leader

Letters to a Young Life LeaderLetters to a Young Life Leader by Bob Mitchell
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No one knows Young Life better than Bob Mitchell. Literally he was a kid when YL basically started in his house. He grew up in and with Young Life. Served in every capacity possible, including as the President of the ministry. Bob Mitchell was a part of Young Life from it's infancy, through it's adolescence and now far into his own old age. In this book he boils down the basics of what makes Young Life unique, attractive, successful and timeless. Everyone who leads or cares about Young Life should read this book, because you will love it!

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Love Does - Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to read Love Does by Bob Goff and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I first heard of Bob Goff from reading a Donald Miller book where he mentions Goff admiringly so I was intrigued to read more about what Mr. Goff was like. As it turns out he is a "doer", meaning he is a man of action who takes his faith very seriously, and does so by turning it into action. Love Does is the perfect title for this guy's book, because that two word statement seems to summarize his entire philosophy of life.
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