Young Life Katy Area Alumni Giving Challenge

Hey folks, take a few minutes and check out the video from our banquet. Cinco Ranch alumn Mark McDaniel edited it for us and he did a fantastic job. We are confident it will move you.


YLKA2013 from Mark McDaniel on Vimeo.


The night we showed this video we had our largest banquet of all time and raised way more money than we have ever raised before. That was just 2 weeks ago. We have raised (in gifts and pledges) $250,000 towards our budget of $460,000. This budget year started in October, 2013 and lasts until September of 2014.  We still have $210,000 to raise. This is where you come in. We are hoping to get 100 or so of our thousands of alumni to pledge an average of $50 PER MONTH to help us bridge the gap to raise the rest of our budget over the next 10 months.  Would you consider giving us $100, $50, $25 per month to help us reach that goal?

If you want to do that you can do so easily by clicking right here on this link! If you want to give monthly (you do) then be sure to check the box that says "make this a recurring gift".


Derek Bonesteel
Darren Cameron
Andrew Packard
Mark Maxey
Joel Scott

and the entire YLKA team!