2 more hours until Ava time!

This is a picture of Zoe and Alex anxiously waiting for Ava (and coloring to occupy themselves).

We have indeed been awake since 1:00am. It is currently 7:50am on Monday morning (5:50pm on Sunday in Houston). We are cleaning up and getting ready for them to bring her to our hotel room. Pretty bizarre that we are waiting in a hotel room for a child.

Thank you for all the comments, emails and mostly for all the prayers! Please pray for Ava to bond with us quickly. We are anticipating this being an issue. Unlike Zoe, Ava has been in foster care for almost a year, so she will be most likely missing her foster mother/parents. I'm sure this will be a traumatic experience for her, so pray that she would miraculously bond with all 4 of us, and quickly. We are also going to be on a steep learning curve with her diet. Her cleft palate will be a new challenge for us, so pray we get some good info from the orphanage director that brings her to us.

Finally, we won't be able to post a video of the big moment until we get home, but there will be pictures galore!