Zoo, Last Post from China, and 13 years!

It's 7:18pm on Tuesday March 13 in China (6:18am on March 13 in Houston).

13 Years ago today, Jessica and I were married!  We celebrated by going to the Zoo.  And the zoo was amazing! So much good video that I'll post when we get back to the U.S.  Zoe even held and fed a baby Tiger!!!!  I didn't get any photos, but their is some nice video of that.  They let you get super close to the animals at this zoo, (as you can see from the photos below) and we got to see Tigers jumping into a pool. It was quite a show.

This will most likely be our last post from China, as we wake up at 5:00, leave the hotel at 6:00am for a 2 hour drive to the Hong Kong airport. Then it's a cool 15 hours to Chicago!

Just a reminder, if you're commenting on our pictures and posts on Facebook (or sending us messages via Facebook) we're not seeing them until we get back to the U.S as Facebook is blocked.

Next post will either be from the Hong Kong airport (if they have free wifi) or Chicago, (or the plane if by some chance their is wifi on the plane).