Big Announcement from the Bonesteel family

We are very excited and anxious to announce that we will be......


adopting another daughter from China!!!!



We have been working on the paperwork for the past 9 months, and we are officially logged in with the Chinese government agency that handles international adoptions. It’s been extremely difficult to keep this a secret, and some people in our family have been telling everyone they know (Zoe & Alex).

 Therefore, we decided to finally go public with this exciting news!

 Here are some answers to some questions we expect to receive….


1. Are you getting another girl?  Yes


2. When will you get her?  We don’t know. At least 6 months from now, probably longer, maybe a lot longer. We have no way of estimating or knowing until we get matched with a child.  However, once we do, we will be sure to broadcast it all over the web!


3. How old will she be?  We don’t know exactly, but definitely younger than our youngest daughter Alexandra (Alex turned 4 in June).


4. Will you guys go to China to get her?  Yes, eventually, and we are taking Zoe and Alex with us!


5. What will you name her?  We don’t know yet, but we are taking all of your hilarious suggestions in the comments.

Obviously we are very excited about this next stage in our family’s journey and we would covet your prayers for the whole process.  We are excited that the Lord lead us to  adoption and we can’t wait to meet our newest little one.