10 Most Overrated Movies

Here are 10 movies I find to be unbelievably overrated, in no particular order....


1. Avatar - it really isn't that good at all. Amazing effects, but totally lame and predictable story mixed with bland acting.

2. The English Patient - nominated for a billion (literally) Oscars, and it won Best Picture. However, this movie is so boring it's insane.  The Seinfeld episode about this movie is total vindication of my beliefs on it. This is when I first realized that the Academy Awards are a joke.

3. Office Space - its just not that funny for me, although my friends who have worked in an office "cube farm" say that it's because I have never worked in such an environment.

4. The Godfather 2 - this is a good movie, but I've seen several "professional" lists that have it ranked as "the best movie ever!".  It's not even the best movie in its own trilogy. I prefer The Godfather. In fact, my favorite scene in The Godfather 2 is the flashback to the first one that happens at the end.

5. Chinatown - I watched it, and afterwards I thought. "That was weird, and freaky, what's the hoopla all about?"

6. Forrest Gump - I really like this movie, but some people used to (and still do) worship it. It's fun, it's funny, it's sad, it's smart (for its time) but I can't watch it anymore. I've seen it twice, and it's not good enough to earn another rewatch, ever.

7. Chocolat - This movie was nominated for Best Picture! It's terrible, boring, predictable, and its theme would have been edgy in 1955, not in 2005 (or whenever it came out). I hate this movie!

8.  Independence Day - I know that no one thinks this thing is award winning, but there are lots of people who like this movie. It's unwatchable.  The only reason it made a bajillion dollars is because when it opened it had the trailer for the rerelease of Star Wars (the new and impoved versions of the originals). Those trailers were awesome as you can see if you click this. Those special editions are in many ways an abomination, but the trailers were awesome geekery.

9. Kramer v. Kramer - another best picture winner.  The 70's were brutal at times.

10. Bugsy -  Another movie that was nominated for a ridiculous amount of awards, but was just boring and terrible. I saw this when I was in college, and walked out of the theatre after it was over and almost asked for my money back. It was that bad. When it got nominated for best picture I was shocked into incoherence for 3 days.


That's my list, off the top of my head. I'm sure I missed some, so feel free to add anything I missed in the comments. Or feel free to eviscerate me for my poor taste and lack of culture.  Either way, I want to see how the comments work on this new website, so make a comment.