A few quotes from Wholehearted by Roger Wernette

St. Augustine said, “Love God, then do what you please.” For when you have learned to love, you will not even desire to do those things that might offend the One you love.
—Madame Guyon

The rest are directly from Roger

I started asking myself why I love this world so much. What makes me hold on to it when I know that it won’t last? We are all heading to an eternity with or without God, so I do not understand why we all hold on to this world and its riches so tightly. It is the same as holding on to your armrests in an airplane when you become afraid. Do you believe that the seat will not go down if the plane does? What are you thinking? So why hold on to the things of this world that will be destroyed with the rest of the world?

Instead of worrying about business or the stock market, just pray the prayer, “God help me to love You more.” Pray like your life depended on it (it actually does). Ask God to help you love Him more than you love your bonus. Or more than you love your hobby on which you spend all of your spare time and income. Ask God to replace your devotion to whatever dominates your thinking with a stronger love of Him.

We need to become men and women who will put our actions where our mouths are. It is imperative for our faith that we reject the idea that Jesus only comes to save us from hell. He comes rather to implant in us His heart and desire to do the will of the Father. We will never grow in our faith until we trust His goodness by acting upon what we know to be true.

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